99% of waste is reused or recycled
  • At Ballreich’s, sustainability is not just recycling office paper and plastic bottles. We believe there is ongoing opportunity to be green. From repurposing unusable packaging for gift basket wrapping, to continuous implementation of energy efficiency techniques, we thrive to become defenders of the vitality and future of our planet.
  • Every unusable potato, peel, slice, and chip goes to a central removable bin that is taken out every 20 hours of production to a processor that uses the nutritional content as part of their animal feed ingredients.
  • We recycle all damaged pallets, scrap metal, and office paper, which is already minimal due to the efficient technology upgrades in place. “Returnable” delivery boxes are used up to 20 times before being recycled as well.
  • We recycle our potato cleaning water twice. First, the potato slices are rinsed with fresh water before they’re fried. The water is then used again to control starch buildup throughout production.

  • Supporting kids and education through fundraisers, events and more!
  • Supporting our heroes through customer and Ballreich's shipments to troops overseas. Helping local fire, EMS, police, hospice and more.
  • Supporting local food pantries by donating close-dated product to help those in need.
  • Maintaining a drug free workplace is very important to our company in keeping our employees and customers safe from harm.
  • Supporting United Way through company and employee contributions.
  • Event donations to help area organizations and individuals through raffle basket and product donations. 
  • Junior Achievement participation allows us to support local kids in education with presentations, contests and more!

The NCAA Indoor Track & Field National Champions (2016) enjoying some Ballreich's!  U.S. Navy Soldiers overseas pier-side in Bahrain onboard USS Bunker Hill (CG-52) enjoying some Ballreich’s love from home!  "Muddy" from the Toledo Mudhens and "CatTrick" from the Toledo Walleyes visit the Ballreich Factory.