Mission Statement

Ballreich’s Potato Chips has always been a family-owned company who has dedicated itself to a lifelong goal of providing the highest quality of snack foods.  We sense our moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers, and environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free, and healthy work place.

Our primary concern is that the snacks we produce are to the very highest standards using quality products and ingredients.  To ensure these highest standards, we have developed a common set of behaviors and practices that will be conducted at our processing plant.  These behaviors are based on sound science, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Being a family-owned company, we also recognize the value of each employee and the importance of how their individual skills contribute to the success and sustainability of our business.  We strive to foster an environment of pride, quality, and fulfillment by engaging our employees in the business decisions, innovation, and open dialogue involving Ballreich’s.

Ballreich’s has been producing fine snacks for over 96 years and will continue to pass down the traditions of quality and excellence throughout the future.  Our commitment to our customers is unwavering and we always strive to make our great snacks make even greater memories.