Frequently Asked Questions

How many chips/snacks do I need for my party?
Use our handy planning guide to help you with your event.

People     1 Pound Bag of Potato Chips     plus 8 oz Bag of Snacks       Total Ounces     CHIPS ONLY - 1 Pound Bagss
100 4 6 112 7
150 6 8 160 10
200 8 10 208 13
250 9 14 256 16
300 11 16 304 19
350 12 20 352 22
400 14 22 400 25
450 17 24 464 28
500 17 30 512 32

Serving size: 1 oz per person

Do you give tours?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer public tours. Be sure to check out our online virtual tour here.

Do you sell t-shirts?
We do! Along with t-shirts, we carry a number of great gift items, all available in the factory store or online!

Do you have coupons?
Coupons and specials are offered regularly. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive them.

How long do potato chips last?
Our chips are shipped out with the freshest product available, with a minimum 30 days shelf life. They also freeze very nicely in the original unopened packaging.

How do you pronounce "Ballreich's"?
The correct pronunciation is: "Ball" as in "Baseball" and "Rikes" as in "Bikes" = "Ball-Rikes".

Do you ship gift boxes?
You bet! People love to get them! They make a great way to say "Thank You", "Congratulations", "Get Well Soon" and simply "Hello". Ballreich's ships throughout the United States as well as to APO and FPO addresses, and many other countries. Don't forget our service men and women. They are always appreciative when they receive Ballreich’s products.

How long does it take to receive my order?
You won't have to wait long! We process and ship your order the next business day, shipping with the freshest product available. Please keep in mind that our offices are open Monday through Friday, so orders placed on Friday will be shipped Monday. We are also closed on major holidays, so please allow extra time for delivery during those instances. The closer you are to Ohio, the sooner you'll get your order, generally 4-6 business days. Please allow more time for PO BOX, APO, FPO and special ship packages. Orders placed in December are subject to a 10-business day shipping time due to increased UPS deliveries. Apparel, baskets, merchandise and specialty items may be delayed up to 10 business days if inventory is depleted. For 3-Day Select, 2nd-Day or Next-Day shipping be sure to count 1 extra day for processing. Be sure your billing address matches your credit card and all numbers and expiration date are typed correctly to ensure your order ships on time.

Do you hold to ship?
We are no longer able to hold orders to be shipped at a later date. All orders that are placed will be processed and shipped out within one business day. The order should be received within 4-6 business days, or slightly longer during the holidays. Please keep this in mind while ordering.

Do you ship internationally?
We can ship almost anywhere!

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express along with checks and money orders. Cash is accepted if you are paying in person. Please do not send cash through the mail.

Do you send sales receipts?
You will receive an online sales receipt sent directly to your e-mail. In our efforts to be environmentally friendly, we no longer mail paper sales receipts.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?
Returns or exchanges for like items are allowed on non-food items only. Returns or exchanges must be done within 30 days of purchase date. Customer must pay shipping to return the item to Shipper Returns, 186 Ohio Ave Tiffin, OH 44883. Exchanged items will be shipped at no charge from Ballreich's. Please contact 1-800-323-2447 or e-mail for help.

Did you recently change your frying oil to comply with government regulations?
Yes in response to the FDA’s ban of trans-fat, we were required to change the oil used to fry many of our potato chip items.  The oil previously used was discontinued as of February 2018, and all snack manufacturers are required to eliminate trans-fat by June 2018 to provide healthier snacks.  Ballreich’s Potato Sticks, Sweet Potato Chips, and Dill Pickle Potato Chips have always been manufactured in the current oil now used across the entire line. 

Do your products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?
There are three different categories that a product can be in regards to GMOs: 1.) No GMOs present 2.) <75% GMOs and 3.) 75% or more GMOs. Our potato chips fall into category #2. It is common for products that contain soy, corn or cotton to be in this category. We have recently been certified by the Non GMO Project ( and are currently working on the development of Non GMO potato chips, sweet potato chips and potato sticks.  Please follow us on Facebook for updates on our progress.