About Granny Ballreich' s Company Store

Ballreich’s Potato Chips have been a beloved Tiffin tradition for almost 100 years. Our company is rich with history and growth. Now it’s easier than ever to celebrate the nostalgic roots of Ballreich’s! Stop on into our new Granny Ballreich’s company store to learn more about the history of Ballreich’s and see all the specialty items we have to offer. The store, located at 180 Ohio Avenue, is the former house of Carl and Emma Ballreich, so you can learn about our history while actively interacting with it!

The focus of our store is our beloved Ballreich’s products, such as chips and snacks; however, Ballreich’s merchandise, Ohio-made items, potato-themed merchandise, and other fun novelties are also available for purchase! We also offer a special glimpse into the inner workings of Ballreich’s with our virtual tour, which will give you the inside scoop on how we make our potato chips!

We hope that you will stop on by and make Ballreich’s a part of your own personal history.

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday:  9AM - 4:30PM
Saturday:  10AM - 4:30PM
Sunday:  CLOSED