Chef J. Franklin’s Lucid Wing Glaze Potato Chips


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Chef John Franklin has been an executive chef for 38 years, and he has worked in conjunction with or for several celebrity venues. Sauces are a specialty to elevate flavor, and something that Chef Franklin is experienced in. His Lucid wing glaze has been a staple feature for 12 years, and he is now bottling and expanding to provide this culinary creation to the public.

Chef Franklin teamed up with Ballreich Snack Food Company to bring this amazing and complex profile to a potato chip. Don’t mistake this for just any BBQ sauce, as Chef Franklin utilizes this glaze across several different dishes and palate styles. The flavor creates depth through various levels – a sweet honey glaze featuring levels of BBQ, then moving to a slight smoky and spice based middle before finishing with a hint of mustard seed. Eating one chip will make you say “Wow.” and have you reaching back for several more.


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